• AskKaye

Sunday August 26th 2018-Rose Garden

The full moon at 3 degrees Pisces opposes the Sun at 3 degrees in Virgo, exposing previously planted seeds of opportunity. Some ambitions were put on the back burner due to lack of direction. However, today you realize that your quest for success never really left your side. Reconciling those hidden desires allows you to imagine what could happen if you actually nurtured dreams. Maybe just maybe, the gains would be beneficial for you now and in the future. As kite energy forms between the grand earth trine in Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus and the full moon in Pisces, you just might discover exactly how deeply connected you are to your own proverbial garden. You might have never been promised a rose garden but you sure were gifted fertile soil, seeds and water. Use your tools with precision and you’ll grow something incredible.


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