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Tuesday September 4th-Secret Ingredient

We can call this trine day because there are so many positive aspects. With that said, trines require effort from you. FYI, magic doesn’t happen unless you add a little bit of yourself. You are the secret ingredient. As Chiron, the wounded healer retrogrades, you catch a glimpse of what it will take to turn this ship around. Who knew that a revelation could be the start of a new beginning. As you find new seeds to plant just remember that the soil may not be the same, even if it feels familiar. With the moon in Gemini say it out loud. Speak your future into existence by recognizing the past chaotic noise that previously stopped you. The only way to the future is thru the present. Be present. Dang it! What TPP is saying is Be A Present! Be a gift to yourself that you can’t wait to open.

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